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Behavioral Changes

Portrait of an elderly woman sitting alone in a senior care facility

Mood Changes Caused by Nursing Home Abuse

After noticing that your elderly family member has bruises or has suffered broken bones or other injuries, it is easy to suspect that some form of nursing home abuse is the cause. Changes in behavior are often less easy to recognize as a warning sign of elder abuse, as they often occur gradually and may at first be subtle.

To make matters worse, the victim's family members will frequently fail to realize that the alteration in mood is the result of abuse, but will assume that it is a natural consequence of aging or will grow impatient or be offended by irritability or sensitivity on the part of the victim. This can lead to rifts in the family, leaving the elderly resident further isolated and in fact worsening the condition.

If your family member has become unreasonably anxious, fearful or irritable, realize that this may be the result of some form of physical abuse or mental abuse being perpetrated by a caregiver or other member of the facility staff. Most of the residents of nursing homes are vulnerable and have difficulty defending themselves, and living in an unsafe environment is likely to cause significant shifts in personality and emotional disturbances. Individuals in such situations will commonly be in fear for their safety at all hours, unable to predict when the next incident of abuse will occur and not knowing how to protect themselves. Feelings of shame or embarrassment may prevent them from speaking out about the situation, instead causing them to become introverted and emotionally withdrawn.

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