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"Jeff and his staff treated my case with the utmost respect, honesty ,and professionalism.

I could not ask for a better person or firm to represent me and my family at one of the hardest times in our life."

Anthony T – victim of medical malpractice

"Let me start by saying I am a union carpenter, local 926 concrete carpenters. I was hurt badly on the job and refered to Mr. Shapiro by one of my union brothers. Thank God that he reviewed my case and handled it as if it were his only case! He became my lawyer and friend. He stuck by me and gave me the encouragement I needed to get healthy again as well as handle my case with the utmost care and concern. During a time when my family and I have been going thru some rough storms Jeffrey has stuck by us and done his best and then some to facilitate me and mine.

If I ever have another situation where I need legal advise or anything anywhere near it, he is the first person I would always call, and always will. I would not only recommend Jeffrey Shapiro as a lawyer,but also as a friend and confidant. His staff is very helpful and caring in matters where most wouldn't be! Plainly put, wouldn't ever use anyone else!"

Terrance Ray Rivera - Victim of a Construction Site Accident


"My husband and I are really grateful and pleased to have used the firm of Jeffrey Shapiro & Associates , we feel that we were treated with respect and dignity in our very painful ordeal. The staff was very attentive and took everything very serious and made us feel better knowing that someone understands our violation and pain. They tried to see we were compensated for our pain . Thank you all very much!"

Virginia H. – victim of medical malpractice


"My life was in shambles, and my future uncertain after my devastating accident, until I met Jeffrey Shapiro. He made me understand that I had rights and not only did he fight and win for me, he helped me and my family cope financially along the way.”

Ambrose T


Jeff Shapiro is a sincere, hard working attorney that is always there when I needed him. I trust that he always works in my best interests.

Robert K.

Mr. Shapiro was my Medical Malpractice attorney against a celebrity OB-GYN on Park Avenue. History was made with this case but we will get to that in a moment....

Mr. Shapiro was not only my attorney during the single most difficult time in my life - but also my friend and confidant.

He was compassionate, professional and beyond experienced - and, truthfully I would have not survived this period of my life without him. Dr Niels Lauersen, now stripped of his medical license scarred me for life.

After 14 unnecessary surgeries, I retained Mr Shapiro to represent me in this life altering case. During this most difficult process Mr Shapiro described the law to me and we worked together as a team.  He was my savior in this case.

His knowledge on how to proceed with this case was more than generous.  He helped me through every phase on this and while a roller- coaster ride for me health wise and health altering, Jeffrey kept his cool and calm demeanor even through my most emotional moments after being betrayed with life long injuries from a doctor out to line his own pockets.

Jeffrey will always be my attorney but also my friend. We went through a lot together and he was my port in that storm. Needless to say we not only successfully prevailed in the case - the Doctor received a 10 year federal prison sentence and was stripped  of his license to ever practice medicine again.

History was made!  

I highly recommend Mr Shapiro to protect you and explain your "M rights" in any Med Malpractice or high end personal injury suit. You would be lucky to have him take your case. He will treat you as though you are his only client and I do not recommend lightly.

Get ready to learn the law through Mr Shapiro's eyes and know that you are a priority and you will prevail in your case with Mr Shapiro at your side.  Through the roughest of times I knew I had the very best. And I could not give higher praise for any attorney / client experience which I had with Jeffrey Shapiro esq.  

Again, you would be lucky to have him Review and handle your case.

Thank you

Margie T

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