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Car Accidents

Jeffrey J. Shapiro is a Boutique Car Accident Law Firm

Recovering financial compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents can be difficult. No matter how friendly and cooperative the adjuster and claims representative may appear, remember that their goal is directly opposed to yours: they want to minimize the amount you can receive in a settlement or to deny our claim outright if at all possible.

You can greatly improve your chances of a fair settlement by hiring an attorney from Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates, LLC to represent you in your claim.

We limit the number of cases we accept in order to ensure that we can focus the necessary amount of time and attention on each client's claim, and when you work with us you can benefit from the fact that we have more than thirty years of legal experience. An attorney from our firm will stand by you as your case progresses, advising you of your legal options, gathering the necessary evidence to support your claim and even going to trial if this is what it takes to help you receive fair financial compensation. Don't take any chances with the outcome of your case-let us fight to prove that the other driver is at fault so that you can receive the damages you deserve.

New York Car Accident Attorney

Bus Accidents 

Public transportation is widespread throughout the New York metropolitan region, and while this helps to cut down on pollution and traffic congestion, it also increases the risk of suffering injury in a bus accident, both for passengers and for drivers and pedestrians who are struck by the vehicle.

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Roadway Defect Accidents

It may be possible for you to file an accident claim against the city or other governmental agency if it can be proven that your injuries are the result of road defects such as potholes. Suing the government can be challenging, but with our experience on your side you may be able to recover a fair settlement.

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Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents

When pedestrians and automobiles come into contact in an accident, the pedestrian is at risk of suffering life-changing catastrophic injuries or even death, whereas the driver may not suffer any type of harm at all. Drivers are frequently found to be at fault for such accidents, such as through distraction or failure to yield the right of way.

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Motor Vehicle Passenger Accidents

The passenger who is injured in an automobile accident will generally be covered by no fault insurance, but it is frequently advisable to file a claim against the policies of all the drivers who are involved in the collision to reduce the chances of being denied fair compensation.

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Motor Vehicle Driver Accidents

Even the most safety-conscious drivers have difficulty in avoiding car accidents, because while you can control your own actions, there is nothing you can do to control the behavior of the other driver. We will investigate your case to find the necessary evidence to prove that the other party is at fault for causing the collision.

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Truck Driver Accidents

When you or a loved one have been injured in a collision with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, it is important to raise the question of whether the trucker was at fault. If the driver was fatigued, distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you have a right to demand full compensation for your injuries.

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Bicyclist Accidents

Injured while cycling? Cyclists typically ride defensively, fully aware of what serious injuries they could suffer in a crash, whereas drivers will often cause accidents with bicycles by paying insufficient attention to the road or through failure to yield the right of way.

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No Fault

All registered vehicle owners in New York are required to purchase no fault Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage, which pays for medical expenses and lost earnings in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault for causing the crash. The maximum coverage on a PIP policy is $50,000 per person in bodily injury.

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