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We strive to represent our clients professionally and aggressively. We only take cases which we believe in and which we are willing to fully dedicate our time and resources.

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Our lawyers must always be responsive to our clients.

We take and return the phone calls of our clients promptly. We keep our clients aware of the progress of their case and try to attend to the wide array of our client's needs, many of whose lives have been seriously disrupted by the effects of their injuries.

Our firm is founded by a nationally-recognized attorney

The firm is headed by Jeffrey J. Shapiro who has been practicing law in New York in the field of plaintiff's personal injury and medical malpractice since 1979.

Our experience ensures we know how to get you results

The firm is staffed by a complete team of lawyers and paraprofessionals with years of experience in handling personal injury cases. While most cases are resolved at some point short of a jury verdict, we thoroughly prepare each case for trial. This preparation and willingness to try our cases allows us to achieve the best results for our clients.

You're in the best hands with Jeffery J. Shapiro & Associates. We've found success and help for others, we can find it for you to. Don't hesitate to reach out - we'll be here.

Jeffrey J. Shapiro and Associates, LLC is a boutique law firm dedicated solely to representing people injured by negligence or medical malpractice.

The firm is headed by Jeffrey J. Shapiro, an attorney with 40 years of experience and success in this field. He is joined by his long-term staff of professionals and paraprofessionals who attend to every need of their clients throughout their representation.

Mr. Shapiro has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients by abiding the principle that the degree of success achieved in a case is determined by its level of preparation. Even though most cases are resolved by a favorable settlement, the firm prepares each case for trial in order to achieve the best possible result. Insurance companies pay the most on cases that they believe they will lose, not the ones they think they can win. Mr. Shapiro draws upon a vast network of experts including doctors, engineers, economists, construction experts, accident reconstruction experts, etc. to support each case.

I take only those cases that I firmly believes in and am willing to fight for from beginning to end. I am available to my clients night and day; each of them have my cell phone number and e mail address.

My clients’ lives have been greatly affected by their accident. Many cannot work and support themselves or their families. Many need to find good doctors to treat their injuries.

When I take on a case, my job is to not simply handle my client’s legal matter; I have to make sure my client can make it through and sustain his/her life until I succeed in recovering for them the damages they deserve.

No one should select me, or any other lawyer on reputation and past performance alone.

I meet with prospective clients at length, to get to know them, so that they can get to know me, to answer their questions, to explain the law applicable to their case and how I would go about preparing and winning their case.

The key to a successful lawyer client relationship is trust; my clients must have no doubt but that I will do everything possible to protect their interests and win their case.

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