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We strive to represent our clients professionally and aggressively. We only take cases which we believe in and which we are willing to fully dedicate our time and resources.

Workplace Injury Lawyer Manhattan, Bronx, NYC

Injured on the Job?

Construction Accidents in the New York Area

Involved in an automobile accident?


A victim of doctor negligence?

Offshore Injury Lawyer

Offshore Injury Lawyer, Injured at sea?

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Our lawyers must always be responsive to our clients.

We take and return the phone calls of our clients promptly. We keep our clients aware of the progress of their case and try to attend to the wide array of our client's needs, many of whose lives have been seriously disrupted by the effects of their injuries.

Our firm is founded by a nationally-recognized attorney

The firm is headed by Jeffrey J. Shapiro who has been practicing law in New York in the field of plaintiff's personal injury and medical malpractice since 1979.

Our experience ensures we know how to get you results

The firm is staffed by a complete team of lawyers and paraprofessionals with years of experience in handling personal injury cases. While most cases are resolved at some point short of a jury verdict, we thoroughly prepare each case for trial. This preparation and willingness to try our cases allows us to achieve the best results for our clients.

You're in the best hands with Jeffery J. Shapiro & Associates. We've found success and help for others, we can find it for you to. Don't hesitate to reach out - we'll be here.

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