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Teacher Accidents in New York

New York City teachers have special protection when they are injured

Especially, if the injury is due to a dangerous or defective condition in a school building.

For most workers who are injured on the job, the only protection available is workers compensation. New York City schoolteachers are not covered under the workers compensation system and they receive, instead, "unlimited sick leave" benefits.

Thus, while most employees cannot sue their employers, New York City teachers can sue the City if they are hurt because of a dangerous or defective condition in the school. It is important, however, that any legal action be accomplished in a timely manner and in strict accordance with the pertinent laws. At times, it takes aggressive legal work to bring about a favorable conclusion to a personal injury case involving workplace injuries.

Using a hard-hitting New York personal injury lawyer from Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates increases your chances to obtain needed compensation, when you are a teacher who has been injured on the job.

Teacher Accidents in New York

Claims for Compensation in Teacher Injury Cases

Common teacher accidents include being injured by chairs, desks or equipment that are defective, slip and fall accidents on school grounds and lifting or carrying heavy objects they are not trained to lift. In some cases, food poisoning or asbestos related diseases result from conditions within a school. Lead poisoning can result if lead paint still remains in older school buildings. Accidents can occur in science labs, caused by insufficient equipment and injury can also result when proper safety gear is not provided for a teacher.

Jeff has tried cases in all of the major courts in the New York metropolitan region, consistently resulting in significant verdicts and settlement on behalf of our clients. Many of the cases handled by our firm have been a matter of public interest and gained recognition both locally and nationally.

Among the notable cases we have successfully resolved are a $1,600,000 verdict for a school teacher who was injured because of a defective door.

Contact a New York personal injury attorney to understand your legal options for compensation when you are a teacher who has been injured on the job.