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Personal Injury Lawyer New York

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, New York is home to a seasoned, highly acclaimed legal firm that will fight for compensation on your behalf, making sure you are cared for in all aspects throughout the legal process. Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates have walked thousands of clients through the legal process, securing financial compensation for the pain and suffering endured. If you have recently experienced a personal injury due to someone’s negligence, please do not hesitate to contact Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates. With experience and insight, we will fight for a settlement that cannot take away the pain that was caused but will leave you with retribution and peace of mind that a wrong was made right.

Personal Injury Lawyer New York

Personal Injury Lawyer New York – A Wide Range of Personal Injury Claims

Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates have represented clients who have a wide range of personal injury claims, including road traffic accidents, work accidents, tripping accidents, assault claims, and medical malpractice. Without the representation of a legal team who has experience in these areas, many victims are left deciphering the law on their own, unaware of how much they are entitled to, unaware of the ins and outs of law.

Jeffrey J. Shapiro has represented countless personal injury cases throughout his career, starting in 1979. If you have endured negative unintentional or intentional actions of another, we believe that you are entitled to compensation for damages, and we will not rest until they have been secured. We are well aware of the physical, mental, and emotional impact that an accident can have on your life. Car accidents, on-site construction accidents, unsafe work conditions, and incidents of sexual assault can have a disastrous impact on a person’s life.

If you have recently experienced a personal injury at the fault of another and are looking for a Personal injury lawyer in New York, Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates are here for you. We can act now to fight on your behalf, before vital evidence is lost.