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Some of the Side-effects of Getting Hurt on a Construction Site

It’s no surprise that construction is a dangerous line of work and professionals risk their lives on a daily basis. The consequences of a construction-related accident are serious and include serious injuries including TBI and in some instances, death. Inadequate training, dangerous conditions on-site, failure to follow protocol, and equipment malfunction are common causes of construction-related injuries. If you have found yourself a victim of a construction-related accident, do not delay in contacting one of New York City’s most reputable and experienced attorney teams, Jeff Shapiro & Associates.

Side-effects of Getting Hurt on a Construction Site

Why is hiring an attorney necessary in the event that you’ve been injured in a construction-related accident?

There are many reasons, one being that most clients have no idea how to protect their rights throughout the legal process. Medical bills begin arriving at the house and victims have no idea how to proceed. Insurance companies may be calling to offer a settlement and act as though they have your best interest at heart. It is vital that you do not engage in a settlement with any insurance company. An experienced attorney who has years of fighting on behalf of clients will help you identify a settlement worth taking.

NYC-based legal firm that has represented clients in all major courts in NYC

Jeff Shapiro & Associates is the natural choice to represent you. As a NYC-based legal firm that has represented clients in all major courts in NYC, we will help you recover from the physical, emotional, and financial loss inherent in sustaining a construction-related accident. Many construction-related accidents negative impact and impair the victim’s ability to work and future earnings, which is where an experienced attorney team is helpful. We will help you recover lost damages and fight for a financial settlement that will ease the physical and emotional impact an accident causes.

If you have sustained a construction-related accident…

If you have sustained a construction-related accident in the NYC metropolitan area and are unsure of who to trust, look no further than Jeff Shapiro. He has helped thousands of clients in a similar situation and stands ready to fight for you. There is never an excuse for why employers should not be following standard protocols and ensuring that employees are properly trained and working in a safe condition.

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