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Six Hurt In Harlem Fire

In Harlem, New York, pandemonium arose when an apartment caught fire early this morning and sent occupants rushing out into the streets. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but there a variety of reasons that it could have occurred. Often, fires erupt when a forgetful resident leaves an appliance on for too long. For example, a resident that leaves a hot iron on an ironing board by come home to a fire. Also, men and women who forget to turn off their stoves or ovens can start a fire.

Hair appliances like flat irons and curling irons can provide a fire hazard, and leaving lamps on for too long with old bulbs can cause a fire to erupt. In addition, electrical malfunctions can cause sparks which will then ignite a dangerous blaze. Leaving a candle burning near fabrics can bring on a detrimental fire, or playing with matches or lighters can spark a blaze.

Regardless of the reason for the fire, the fact is that many were injured as a result. A 2-month-old baby was hospitalized this morning with life=threatening injuries from the fire. In addition to burns, the baby was placed in serious condition because of the amount of smoke he inhaled. Another victim was taken to the hospital with an intense electrical burn. Neighbors say that they did not see how the fire began, but watched as the building was evacuated after people heard the cries of “fire!” The Fire Chief who rushed to the scene says that the damage was significant, and that they are currently trying to determine what caused the terrible disaster.

If you have experienced injury because of a defective product, or your house was set on fire because of an electrical malfunction, then you may have the right to sue the manufacturer. Also, if your smoke alarm did not go off, then you may have a case against your landlord. If you can trace the fire to a negligent neighbor or an arsonist, then you can seek damages from the responsible party. Talk to a personal injury attorney at Jeff Shapiro Law for more information about how to litigate after experiencing burn injuries and fire damage.