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Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

If you are searching for a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer, Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates have the insight and experience to represent you. Knowing whom to trust with your legal representation can be difficult, especially when dealing with the financial troubles and physical injuries that typically result from an injury. Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates fights for our clients, many whom are injured construction workers, to receive monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. In on-site accidents that result in death, Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates have fought for compensation on behalf of the family. If you are looking for a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer with an impeccable reputation, Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates can help!

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

We find that many of our clients involved in a construction accident come to us having never been aware of their rights in the first place. In theory, construction sites are built with safety precautions in place, and procedures to ensure employee safety are followed. In reality, this is not always the case. Our clients have been victims of everything from falling through fragile roofing, or broken shoddy scaffolding, to falling off an unsteady ladder or operating defective equipment. If you have experienced any of the fore mentioned accidents and need to know next steps, please contact Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates.

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer – Working with You To Get the Best Result

Together with our clients, we assess the impact the accident has had on every aspect of your life and figure out how to recover the full extent of your losses. We recommend enlisting the help of an attorney right away, since the statue of limitations may become a hindrance as important evidence is lost over time.

Employer negligence should not be tolerated and we recommend you enlist the help of a reputable, trusted Brooklyn construction accident lawyer (and the entire New York area) with a lost list of satisfied clients. Our goal is to get you back on your feet, with a fair settlement that will help ease the long that occurred due to employer negligence.