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Construction Accident Lawyer

Focusing on Falling Debris and Scaffolding Accidents

If you are looking for a construction injury lawyer, New York is home to many qualified and reputable construction accident attorneys that can collect the facts of your case, prepare and file a lawsuit, and ultimately win a settlement that will help you move forward after experiencing a life-altering construction-related accident. Jeffrey J. Shapiro &…

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Bad Construction Accidents in New York City

Bad construction accidents happen too often, despite the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) setting guidelines for contractors to follow, intended to keep professionals working in the construction industry safe. Additionally, New York state law has special provisions to address the unique dangers faced by construction workers but sometimes they fall short in protecting professionals.…

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Many Construction Site Injuries in New York and Surrounding Area

New York City is referred to as a “concrete jungle” for good reason Home to some of the tallest sky scrapers and a tons of construction sites, it is unfortunately the home of many construction-related accidents. Despite efforts to crack down on unsafe work environments and construction sites, accidents on-site still happen each year at…

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