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New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured at a Construction Site in New York

Most of the victims who have been injured at a construction site in New York feel ill-equipped to not only handle their personal recovery, but the matters regarding insurance, workers compensation, medical bills, and financial settlements. For victims of especially harmful accidents, there is a real possibility that he or she is no longer able…

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Construction Related Accidents in NYC

Despite New York State and federal regulations regarding workplace safety, construction accidents still occur, leaving construction workers at high risk of experiencing everything from crane collapse injuries to scaffolding accidents to injuries resulting from operating defective equipment. Jeffrey J. Shapiro represents construction workers who have suffered work-related injuries as well as family members who have…

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NY Construction Accident Lawyer – Manhattan, Bronx

Sadly, construction related accidents are not uncommon in the New York City tri-state area. Due to the high volume of real estate development and construction projects in the area, we see a higher number of construction site accidents in this area, despite New York labor laws intended to protect the safety of workers and keep…

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