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THE Experienced Construction Site Accident Lawyer in New York

For individuals who find themselves at the center of a construction-related accident, knowing how to proceed can be difficult, since it’s often times a brand new situation for the victim. Navigating the legal aspects of the situation is overwhelming for many victims and their families. For this reason, construction professionals would be wise to enlist the services of an experience construction site lawyer, despite the extra cost. One wrong move could potentially cost you both financially and emotionally and further complicate the process of moving on with your life. The legal ramifications of a construction accident should not be navigated alone. An experienced construction site lawyer can help you understand your state’s workers’ compensation system and also help you pursue a personal claim. Having represented thousands of clients in your shoes, a personal injury lawyer knows your rights and will fight tirelessly for fair and adequate reparations on your behalf.

Experienced Construction Site Lawyer

Dangerous and harmful situations and environments

It is no secret that construction jobs put individuals in potentially dangerous and harmful situations and environments, even when proper protocols are met by the employer. Common construction site accidents include scaffolding falls, electric shocks, burns, crane accidents, explosions, falling materials, and even chemical spills. Most construction workers are well aware of the potential risk and are careful to take proper precautions, wearing safety eyewear and hardhats, and remain alert on the job. Some companies do a better job than others following legal procedures to keep their employees safe, and many individuals have a hard time knowing the questions to ask to hold employers accountable once a mistake has been made. This situation is where an experienced personal injury attorney steps in and builds a solid and strong case.

The consequences of a construction-related accident are serious

We have worked with clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, trauma to lower extremities, and have also worked with the families who have lost a loved one in a construction-related accident. Litigation is complicated and there are many intricacies inherent in the process. If there is ever a time to hire an attorney, a construction-related accident would be the time.