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Things to Watch Out for on Construction Sites

Unfortunately, New York City has seen an uptick in construction site accidents in the past few years. While the state has special provisions that were created in the spirit of addressing dangers to construction workers and passersby, they still happen leaving victims unsure of how to proceed. Yes, the construction worker is covered by workers’ compensation after experiencing an onsite accident, but the settlement hardly covers the severe injuries, both physical and emotional. A construction-related accident can also interfere with your financial wellbeing, impacting your ability to earn a living moving forward. With the help of an experienced New York City Personal Injury Attorney like Jeffrey J. Shapiro and Associates, you can develop a legal strategy that will outline who was negligent and a plan to seek financial compensation you deserve.

Things to Watch Out for on NY Construction Sites

What to watch out for on construction sites

Whether you are a construction worker or a passerby on the street, there are a few things to watch out for on construction sites to keep yourself safe. There are some causes of accidents that are more frequently reported more than others. Some of the most common are professionals who lack necessary safety equipment including helmets, safety straps, guardrails, and other blatant violations of site safety protocol. In cases of electrocution, exposed electrical wiring is often to blame. Whether you’re looking for an accident attorney in Manhattan, or injured in a construction zone in New York, give us a call.

Things to Watch Out for on NY Construction Sites

Scaffolding accidents in New York City

In the last few years, more and more scaffolding accidents have happened on New York City construction sites. In many cases, scaffolding is constructed improperly, without the require hand and guide rails for workers and the scaffolding is not properly inspected to meet the required criteria. Scaffolding that cannot support the construction worker’s weight or fails to provide a secure surface will certainly cause a scaffolding accident that could cost a worker his life. Construction workers can do their part by reporting any unsafe site practices and by knowing their rights.

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