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Crane Collapse Injury Attorney

Crane Collapses and Ladder Accidents

Crane collapses are among the most dangerous accidents that can happen on a construction site, often resulting in fatalities and life-altering injuries. Crane operators, construction workers on the project, and pedestrians are all at-risk when a construction-site fails to secure a safe work environment for their team. New York City has unfortunately seen crane collapses…

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You’ve Had a Crane Injury in New York, Now What?

THE Experienced Crane Collapse Attorney in New York Crane accidents can have devastating consequences for a construction worker who finds him or herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on a site that isn’t following proper legal protocol. Whether your crane injury is minor or has had life-threatening consequences, it is imperative that…

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Injured in a Crane Accident in New York

Contractors, carpenters, welders, and electricians have some of the most dangerous careers in the market. Despite employers implementing safety precautions and trying to adhere to state and national law, mistakes are made and employers are negligent in some cases. The effects of a construction-related accident are life changing for our clients and in some cases,…

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Crane Collapse Attorney – Cranes and Construction Site

With wisdom, experience, and empathy the attorneys at Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates LLC have represented thousands of clients who were victims of construction-related crane collapses. Due to poor work conditions that are not in accordance with safety standards and unsafe work environments, too many construction workers are experiencing work-related accidents. Unsure of where to…

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