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Crane Collapses and Ladder Accidents

Crane collapses are among the most dangerous accidents that can happen on a construction site, often resulting in fatalities and life-altering injuries. Crane operators, construction workers on the project, and pedestrians are all at-risk when a construction-site fails to secure a safe work environment for their team. New York City has unfortunately seen crane collapses over the years, with the most recent on April 13, 2019 when a 34-year old construction worker was crushed by a counterweight that had fallen from a crane, losing his life in the process.

Crane Collapses Attorney

The consequences of a crane-related construction accident are serious and can be fatal. If you have been injured in a construction-related accident, including a crane collapse, ladder accident, or equipment malfunction, do not delay in calling a reputable, aggressive attorney team who will work tirelessly to win a fair settlement on your behalf. Enlisting the services of a top crane collapse attorney is one of the best investments you can make moving forward, one that will impact your personal and financial well-being for years to come.

An experienced personal attorney to help fight the construction company attorneys

Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates are among the top personal injury lawyers in the New York City metropolitan area who hold years of experience handling cases related to construction-related accidents. If you are looking for an accident attorney, Manhattan is home to several choices, with Jeffrey J. Shapiro leading in the industry as one of the most seasoned. You may be wondering how a lawyer can help. First, your attorney will hear the facts of your case and assess blame. Did inadequate supervision onsite cause your accident or did a defect by the manufacturer cause the incident? Having handled many similar cases before, an attorney knows all of the important questions to ask.

Ladder Accidents Attorney

Crane accidents and ladder accidents are too common on construction sites

Crane collapses and ladder accidents in New York happen with overweight loads, dropped loads, poor communication between operators and workers on the ground often the cause. Inadequate operator training, unsafe crane installation, and rigging failures are also common failures on the part of the employer. Regardless of the details of your particular accident, Jeffrey J. Shapiro stands ready to defend you or your loved one who has been injured in a crane or ladder accident. We are committed to helping you claim the compensation you deserve after experiencing such a horrific accident. Contact us today at 212.779.9100.

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